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What Next?

A Hindu, Baba Ghai, living in Britain is appealing to the High Court for the right to be cremated in the open air rather than in a crematorium. His request was turned down by Newcastle City Council citing the 1902 Cremation Act.

Let’s hope that the High Court has some sense and rejects this appeal otherwise who knows what’s next. A Buddhist sect taking corpes to a hill top where they are dismembered and fed to, what, crows? There being a shortage of vultures in the UK. Or perhaps a wooden frame in a tree somewhere for the corpse to be picked at.

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2 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. It’s very clear to me, from your Blog post, that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about !! Before you make such statements you should consider the facts and then make a decision to blog what you feel, not disregard a persons human right on such a sensitive subject. You attack one religion and faith and then another by making a comment about a Buddhist. You have no respect for religion….obviously !! Try and bring your mind down on this planet, and try to think with respect for human nature, something which doesn’t exist in your skillset. You don’t understand the court case, the background and reasoning of why this case is so important for so many Hindu and Sikh families living around the world. If your merely interested, maybe you should consider reading about the faith, understanding the beliefs, and still with your insane nature of blogging, you still will not understand the reason why Baba Ghai is seeking what he wishes for. You simply don’t have the capacity to understand !!!

  2. Well, I’m glad ‘that it’s obvious’ that I have no respect for religion, any religion, as they are at the root of conflict, war and cruelty for thousands of years the World over. That does not mean that I have no respect for anyone who holds to a faith. Should someone find that a belief helps them through life then good luck to them.

    Traditionally here in the UK we do not burn bodies in the open air and also for health and safety reasons among others. If someone living here desires their body to be disposed of in this manner where is the problem? Simply send the body to a country where this method is the norm, to be dealt with.

    There is no evidence at all that we have a soul or any evidence that there is another plane on which to live another life so it follows that whether a body is burnt in the air or in a crematorium is irrelevant unless you believe it to be so. It is surely then unreasonable to expect a nation to change it’s laws on the basis of belief.

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