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A Right Royal Con?

Prince Charles is well known for his beliefs in alternative medicine and therapies and to give him his due, in some areas and for some products, he has a point. What I didn’t know until recently though is that he has a company called ‘Duchy Originals’ that produces and sells herbal remedies and so on. Yes, more income for the already incredibly wealthy unelected heir to to the throne.

Blow and watch your Pounds fly away

Blow and watch your Pounds fly away

Duchy Originals have just launched their latest item, detox tincture, at just £10 for 50ml which by my guesswork is around £1 per teaspoon full. The web site states that it contains Artichoke and dandelion and is “A food supplement to help eliminate toxins and aid digestion.”

Well, there’s me thinking that 100’s of thousands of years of evolution made our bodies quite capable of eliminating toxins particularly with the help of sufficient water. Charlie provides no evidence whatsoever that drops of artichoke and dandelion will detox your system, whatever that means. So I’m left to assume that this is just another of his money making schemes. The trouble is of course that with his high profile and royal connections an awful lot of people out there will fall for it and pass over their hard earned cash.

I shall be getting on to the Office of Fair Trading and although I doubt they’ll actually do anything I’ll let you know if they do.


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