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Support This Mother & Her Daughters

A Nigerian mother, Pamela Izevbekhai, who escaped from Nigeria with her two young daughters to Eire is fighting deportation. Although her husband who is still in Nigeria, supports her, his family want to seize the girls and perform ritual female genital mutilation (FGM). In other words the girl is held down and her clitoris and probably her labia cut off with a razor blade. Her first daughter had this barbaric act done to her and bled to death. No wonder then that this mother took her other daughters and fled seeking sanctuary. The following video says more than I ever can.

If you would like to support Pamela Izevbekhai then this link will show you how. Although FGM is illegal in the UK and other ‘civilised’ countries it’s worth pointing out that mutilating boys through circumcision is STILL lawful in the UK!


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5 thoughts on “Support This Mother & Her Daughters

  1. bikerbernie on said:

    I do not understand the concern with females anywhere when we are still doing this to males all over the world.

    Check this out.


  2. While fighting for an end to the circumcision of boys we can still support women trying to protect their daughters. It’s all mutilation bikerbernie, so let us all, men and women, work together to end these practices.

  3. Won’t be supporting some who has lied to the Irish court 22 times. Who have a visa for the UK for two years. Irish people are sick and tired of Pamela Izevbekhai bogus lies.

  4. No I don’t support this liar who has lied to the Irish court 22 times and had a tourist visa to the UK for two years.

  5. I admit I don’t know anything about lying to the Irish Courts but if my daughter was at risk of mutilation then I’d lie too.

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