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I’m not going to bang on about the BBC’s disgraceful decision to refuse the DEC’s request to broadcast an appeal for donations to help the injured and homeless victims of war in Gaza. Nor will I comment on the Mark Thomson, Director General of the BBC, blog with his pathetic reasoning.

I will though sound the trumpets and bang the drums for the vast majority of licence fee payers who posted comments condemning the BBC stance, as well as government ministers, the Charity Commissioners and many others. Not forgetting of course Tony Benn’s brilliant interview on Radio 4’s Today Programme.

Most people do care so let’s take heart from this and who knows, maybe the appeal will generate even more cash as a result of this lamentable stance.

As an after thought I think there is a strong case for the licence fee payers to elect the BBC directors.

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3 thoughts on “Heartening

  1. I wholly support the BBC in terms of their right to independent reporting without political interference. However, I also believe that their stance was and is wrong, but I suspect they painted themselves into a corner.

    Personally I believe the fact that they would not show the DEC campaign demonstrates more of a political bias, then showing it. Given there have been many parallels in the past, where the BBC has aired appeals in a similar set of circumstances. In amongst this are ordinary women, children and non-combatants suffering, this was and is a humanitarian campaign, supported on the ground by reputable charities. It is not a financial prop for Hamas, nor is it an appeal to reconstruct Gaza. We spend £5bn per annum in overseas aid, often supporting corrupt governments in Africa, yet people who should no better are indifferent to the suffering of innocent people.

    When did we stop offering support to people based purely on their political persuasion?

  2. I think that you have hit the nail squarely on the head, UK Voter, when you say that the BBC painted itself into a corner. It takes courage to admit that you have made a mistake and in this case courage was sadly lacking.

    Even more sad is that this decision is likely to have set a precident for future appeals.

  3. Joining this debate a little late. Regardless of the decision not to air the ad, whatever anyones thoughts on this matter are, it is ludicrous to suggest that the bbc has so far taken an impartitial view on this conflict. So far we’ve had three weeks of anti-israeli, almost pro-hamas propaganda, so it seems rather self serving to suddenly start talking about a non-existent impartiality that has been absent so far throughout. Essentially, the bbc is not impartial, it has a left bias, so why pretend?

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