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Israel – Rogue State

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues, with the body count now at around 850 with 265 children confirmed dead by the UN. Leaflets are dropped telling Palestinians that worse is to come so they should leave their homes and find safety. Gaza, one fifth the size of London, most of it’s borders abut Israel which has sealed them off and just a small crossing into Egypt, also closed. Just where are Palestinians supposed to hide?

This rogue State of Israel continues to ignore UN resolutions calling for a truce, with no International sanctions imposed upon it, thereby giving it a carte blanch to carry on with it’s terror. It is becoming obvious that the real aim behind this attack is to destroy much of the infrastructure of Gaza, leaving it totally devastated and even more impoverished. The expectation being that the Gazans will turn against Hamas and become compliant with every whim of Israel. I fear they will be sadly disappointed.

There is something that we can do on a practical level by supporting the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign and not buying anything with the ‘made in Israel’ bar code commencing with 729.


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10 thoughts on “Israel – Rogue State

  1. chert61 on said:

    I think that you are sick or just stupid. I would like to look at you and your family, if your city is regularly fired on. In Gaza, there is no peaceful civilians and children. There are terroritsy. And if you are smart, come to live in the south of Israel.

  2. chert61 on said:

    There are terrorists. (mistake)

  3. Hello chert61. As I don’t believe that killing and maiming people and destroying their towns is an answer to a problem then I must in your eyes, be sick or stupid and as such I am very happy to remain so. Thank you for informing me that absolutely everyone in Gaza is a terrorist even the little children, I didn’t know that. They should all be killed then? Come to think of it, wasn’t that the Nazi philosophy? Israel learnt well from that period of Jewish history.

    Before the thought takes root, no, I am in no way anti Jewish or anti Israel. I am anti war, anti killing, anti bullying and pro peace, pro co-operation and pro justice.

  4. chert61 on said:

    8 years, terrorists in Gaza fired on civilians with impunity in the city of Sderot. You do not know about it? Israel has suffered for 8 years. The city is almost deserted. The world community remains indifferent. All the fear of Arab terrorists.
    What your child is in their hands for the first time deliberately? Toys, books, pencil? And in Gaza, give the child automatic and taught to hate and kill Jews. It is time to remove the pink glasses. You do not quite been on 11 September?
    Sorry for my inglish. But I am sure that you understand me.

  5. Hi chert. I think the trouble is not my ‘pink glasses’ but that the two sides involved in this tragedy wear blindfolds. They keep doing what they always have done and amazingly expect a different outcome.

    If a foreign power invaded the UK and began establishing settlements, blockaded the rest of the country and shot at our farmers as they gathered the harvest, would anyone expect us to just accept it? Of course not, we would fight with any means available to us.

    The World community is not indifferent but chooses impotence. The appointment of Tony Blair as ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ shows that they are also wearing blindfolds.

    The only solution is for Israel to return to the borders pre 1967 and for Palestine and Israel to recognise each other’s sovreignty and to co-operate for the benefit of each other. Very difficult to achieve but not impossible if the Arab nations and the Western powers work together as honest brokers. It will certainly not happen when they appoint as ‘Peace Envoy’ someone with responsibility for over 600,000 deaths in Iraq and more in Afghanistan.

    I’m guessing that you live in Southern Israel and if I am correct I wish you and your’s peace and happiness. If I am wrong I wish you the same.

  6. chert61 on said:

    The problem is that terrorist organizations do not want to recognize Israel as a state. And the Palestinian people have chosen it as the power of terrorists. So what can we talk? I am convinced that the Arabs are like small children. They can not be left without supervision. They then grabbed the hands of matches trying to ignite everything around. The problem in their religion. It is too aggressive to other religions. “Humpbacked would be corrected by tomb.” This is a Russian proverb.
    Yes, I live in the south of Israel 19 years. Born in Ukraine.

  7. It is true that ‘at the present time’ some Palestinians do not want to recognise Israel as a state but then neither does Israel want to recognise Palestine as a state. This is where the International community should but has not so far, step in to assist.

    To view Arabs as ‘small children that cannot be left without supervision’ is to adopt a superior position that is totally unjustified and counter productive. They are human beings just like you and like me, capable of great things, given the same opportunities.

    All religions are a problem in that they divert logical thinking by calling upon fairy tales to back up an argument which of course makes progress even more difficult. That said, we have to deal with things as they are

  8. Abe Bird on said:

    Of course Israel is a rogue state, how she dares not to let the Arab Palestinian keep attacking her with out to pay their due? Shame on. Moral Arabs are sending their kids to suicide bomb on Jewish babies and women at malls, how brave they are, how righteous those criminals bombers are?! Firing rockets on Leeds sure would have solving your moral assurances that deliberate firing on civilians is accepted…. Only if the target is a Jewish city. Spare me you continence.

    When Hamas continues to ignore UN resolutions calling for a truce is that OK for you? Why Hamas kept on firing mortars of Israel? I hope that Israel will not leave this case open and again conduct a massive attack on criminal Hamas sited and leaders.
    The Hamas is obliterating to destroy Israel and cleanse the non Muslims out of the ME.
    There is no any chance for peace with the Arab Palestinians as long they are voting for that inhuman bleed of extreme Muslim crap.
    Once when Nazi Germany just bombed some cities in Britain, not intending to demolish her, there was some Churchill that chose to fight back the inhuman bleed of extreme Nazi crap of Europe. Now Israel stands against deadly opponent of her surviving, one of the proxy Iran violence in its border, and any lose in the long run means the destruction of Israel. Do you except that the British let their enemies to fix Britain’s future?

    A Palestinian Jew

  9. Abe Bird on said:

    Israel is not a “foreign power”, referring to Jews that invaded Israel Land. Jews where always living in their land before the Arab invasions and after. Arabs didn’t rule the land except through a short period of time. Turk Muslims did for the last 300 years until the British colonialism arrived. They all were conquerors of the Jewish people’s land and just used it for their own interests.

    So your very equating of the Arab Palestinians to the British and the Jewish Palestinians to invaders it totally wrong and in opposite to the historical truth.
    The only solution is for the Palestinian question is conserving the two states solution. Keeping the Hamas as “partner” for peace is delusive and causing the continuing of the war between Arabs and Jews. The only promising solution is to let the Arab Palestinian create their national home in the East Bank and the Palestinian Jews in the West Bank (as it meant before the Jordanian illegal occupation of 1948)
    As far as things going (or stocking) in the middle east I think that the only sane solution for the Palestinian problem is two states for two peoples, and not 3 or 4 states, as I hear people dream.
    The 2 states solution is The Palestinian Jordan dwelled from the Arabian Desert in the east to the Jordan River it the west, and the Palestinian Jewish state of Israel from the Jordan River in the east to the sea shore in the west. There is no any other way to divide the small historical Palestine for two peoples. Jews in both states will vote for the Knesset in Jerusalem and Arabs in both states will vote for the Parliament in Amman. In the local scene Arabs will be equal citizens in their municipality as any definition. This is the basic and the only promised solution possible for solving the continuous conflict between Arabs and Jews there.
    We all have to remember that Arab Palestinians want Israeli land but not Jews to live on it! So both peoples have to be separated de Iure, and keep living de facto with minimum changes in population’s moving. But if the Arabs still eager and continue launching their war against the Jews, they are all should be moved to Palestinian Jordan and leave the western part of Palestine for the Jews.

    freethinkeruk says: ” some Palestinians do not want to recognize Israel as a state but then neither does Israel want to recognize Palestine”

    False! Israel already recognized the right of the Arab Palestinians to have their share in Gaza and the WB, and already left Gaza for good and transferred some areas in the WB to a Palestinian control. Further Israeli concessions where planned but the Arabs provoke their war against Israel. Are these steps forwarded peace and reconciliation? Not what so ever! The Arabs always demand more! And they are striving to demolish Israel and create “one Palestine for its citizens” aka the 23rd Arab state and not one Jewish state in the Islamic Dahr a-Salam. That’s why I think that the only righteous solution is dividing the land of Palestine and give both sides their sovereignty their part while the Jordan river separate between both.
    I think that chert61 meant to say that you in Britain view the Arabs as small children that cannot be left without supervision and that the reason you back them no matter what damage they cause to Israel and to themselves. I would say that if you really wanted to help the Palestinian Arabs you would demand them to behave normally as human beings and not use terror on kids to promote their goal to annihilate Israel.

    A Palestinian Jew

  10. Hi Abe Bird
    You have written much, thank you. I will confine myself to responding to:-

    “freethinkeruk says: ” some Palestinians do not want to recognize Israel as a state but then neither does Israel want to recognize Palestine”

    False! Israel already recognized the right of the Arab Palestinians to have their share in Gaza and the WB, and already left Gaza for good and transferred some areas in the WB to a Palestinian control. Further Israeli concessions where planned but the Arabs provoke their war against Israel.”

    Israel may have left Gaza but as we see not ‘for good’. When Israel left it closed the borders, refused to allow trade and severely restricted the flow of essential supplies. In addition Israel still occupies huge areas of Palestinian land and built an illegal wall seperating Palestinians from their farm land. These are not the actions of a nation seeking peace.

    We agree that two nation states is the only probable solution, let us hope that this will be achieved soon and bring to an end this horrendous killing visited upon both sides.

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