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Utter Stupidity

Israel is once again bombing Gaza and so killing and maiming hundreds of men women and children and of course destroying infrastructure. What amazes me is the utter stupidity of it all; it will not end the violence, it will only serve to increase it.

Palestinian dead (From BBC)

Palestinian dead (From BBC)

It doesn’t take much commonsense to put oneself into a Palestinian’s shoes. Let’s have a little go at it.

A huge portion of my land was stolen after the second world war and we became refugees in what was left of our own country. In 1966 even more land was seized by the Israelis who also controlled our supply routes which are frequently cut off by them. What little resistance we can put up by way of home made rockets and mortars are met with massive force from Israel by way of air attacks and incursions into Palestine with tanks and high explosives. The West, in particular the USA, supplies these advanced weapons and provides financial support on a huge scale. The Arab nations mutter condemnation of Israel but give us little by way of real assistance. The West calls for democratic elections and when we elect our choice in Hammas the West condemns our decision and helps implement sanctions against us.

They call us terroists when we fight with what we have for our freedom.

We who think freely can and must argue against this cruelty and lobby our elected leaders but we can also refuse to buy anything made in Israel. Look at the bar code of any potential purchase, the first three numbers denote country of origin and Israel’s is 729. The Boycott Israel Campaign gives more information on how to help.


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4 thoughts on “Utter Stupidity

  1. As a person who has no connection with either side, and lives on the other side of the world. It seems to me that both sides are to blame. As usual in that part of the world, it’s always “an eye for an eye” The Hammas send rockets to bomb Israel and Israel retaliates. What do you expect ???? Hammas seems to me to hide behind the skirts of women and children, and the Israelis get the blame for killing women and children. The whole situation is as you have described pathetic in the extreme, and it is utter stupidity. Whilst ever the blame game goes on the fighting will go on. Good luck with all that, I am just glad that I have neither the geographic proximity nor any connection with the problem.

  2. I wouldn’t normally suggest you look at guido fawke’s site, but this Banksy image sums it up quite nicely:

  3. Stop the missiles launching into Israel and they will not kill all of you dumbasses.

  4. I’m not quite sure exactly what your point is Tim, or at whom it is directed but I believe in free speech.

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