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End of Year Hypocrisy

Well, here we are again, almost Christmas Day and if you can be bothered (I won’t) you can listen to the Queen’s message in the afternoon.

queenIt will be the usual mix of unpaid for advertising for the House of Windsor, a few bits of personal stuff to curry a little favour and even some sympathy and a statement of how she ‘understands’ the problems that befall the people in the wake of the current financial crisis. She will then leave the studio and bowing producer and technicians, accompanied by her flunkies and get into her chauffeur driven car surrounded by bodyguards and police and drive off to one of her enormous palaces. There, waited on hand foot and finger and surrounded by priceless works of art, paid for by the citizens, she will kick off her shoes, stretch out on a couch saying “Philip, one does hope that democracy doesn’t catch on and the people demand to elect their Head of State!” “That really would be an ‘annus horribilis’!”


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One thought on “End of Year Hypocrisy

  1. Bah humbug. Orf with your head!

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