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Our NHS Under Attack

I have spoken of this before but now there is confirmation that the attack by the private health companies is intensifying. At worst we will have no National Health Service left or at best a two tier service with those who can afford it having private treatment with the latest technologies and drugs and for the rest of our citizens only basic health care in a deteriorating service.

Not only will this division in health be immoral and a negation of the principles laid down when the NHS was founded but will inevitably lead to social unrest on an unprecedented scale. This in turn leading to even more central control, surveillance and repression. The systems are in place already and they just need implementing in full and then it will be too late to save our society from total disintegration.

It may not be too late if we act now and act together. We can protest to our Members of Parliament, we can write blogs and write to the papers, we can demand to know who benefits from any treatment that we may need and above all we can refuse to have any treatment carried out by these private companies. We insist on only full NHS care. It can be done as I pointed out a while back. Please don’t shrug your shoulders at yet another blog, this is the biggest threat facing us, do something, anything.

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One thought on “Our NHS Under Attack

  1. James Munro on said:

    NHS privatisation by Stealth – Gordon Brown’s Polyclinics


    Be warned, Gordon Brown wants to get rid of
    your local doctor, and close down GPs surgeries
    throughout the country.

    If he has his way, you will be forced into a
    depersonalised system of large health centres,
    called polyclinics.

    Under government plans, many of these centres
    will be run by global health care corporations.
    Remember, these companies are in business to
    maximise profits for their shareholders, and
    your health and welfare is of secondary
    importance to them.

    This upheaval is not for your benefit but
    designed to bring the independent GPs to heel
    and impose central control over treatmentS,
    drug prescribing and total health spending.

    Many services will be transferred from your
    local hospital to these commercially run
    polyclinics, effectively privatising large
    chunks of the NHS. Your local hospital may
    then be cut back or closed.

    However, few patients in your current GPs
    practice need or will use these extra

    You are being forced into conveyor belt
    medicine to satisfy Gordon Browns political
    dogma and anti GP spite.

    And be aware, the government spin machine is
    in action, vilifying the GPs and praising the
    polyclinics. Always check the truth of their

    Do you know if your doctors’ surgery will
    be closing?

    Shouldn’t you find out before it is too

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