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What Price the Royal Booze UP

Charlie is about to have his 60th birthday and will be celebrating in typical Royal style with three birthday parties with huge numbers of guests that will include 75 of his European royal friends. Not bad eh for someone who’s never had a proper job.

The estimated cost (true figures are a secret) of just the security for the royal family is £90,000 per day. Put another way that’s the cost of an average family home every two days. It’s obvious that the additional security costs for the three upcoming royal booze ups are going to run into hundreds of thousands of Pounds if not millions, all from the taxpayers.

In these difficult financial times for the rest of us this extra drain on the exchequer is nothing les than a disgrace. Charlie should dig into his unearned millions and pay up for his own security at least for these events. Better still, do himself, his family and the rest of us, a favour and make plans to end this anachronism of an unelected head of State as soon as he inherits it.


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