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Rememberance Day

Well another Remembrance Day has come and gone; the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month; armistice of the first world war. Remembering too all those who have died in war since that date. What though is the point in remembrance if we go on doing what we have always done before, sending young men (& now women) out to fight and some to die and even more to be horribly maimed?

The myth perpetuated is that they ‘gave’ their lives in battle. No they didn’t! Until fairly recent times they were forced to join the forces with the threat of imprisonment at best and being shot by firing squad if they didn’t at worst. Nowadays they are enticed with an escape from poverty or promises of sporting thrills and adventures, they do not expect to be killed or injured. They are sent by men in suits in warm comfortable offices to fight an unwinable war in Afghanistan for example, to secure that land for pipelines and investment, to increase the wealth of the men in suits and their friends in the City of London and Wall Street.

Wars Will Cease When Men (& Women now too, sadly) Refuse to Fight


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