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Socialism To The Rescue

Now that the alarm and panic of the last couple of weeks is abating somewhat perhaps we can stand back and see just a little more clearly.

Many will agree with me that capitalism has within it the seeds of it’s own destruction and this has been demonstrated to a degree recently. Admittedly it was not the time for global leaders to look for a better and more sustainable system, urgent action had to be and was, taken to affix a sticking plaster to the wound in the economic system that was hemorrhaging peoples savings and financial security. This sticking plaster was and is, nothing less than Socialism and it is stemming the flow. A few years ago when the rail network, then in private hands, was falling apart it was nationalised and has been improving ever since.

If Socialism can be so effective in times of emergency why not move towards that ideal generally? The answer of course is obvious; it would stand in the way of amassing personal fortunes for the few at the expense of the many.


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