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Tax Payers Support The Royals Again

I make no apology for copying in full, the following statement from the ‘Republic’ web site. The more we know how this private family company rips us off the sooner we will get rid of them and replace them with Democracy. Now there’s a novel idea.

The bargain rent on a five bedroom Kensington Palace apartment, soon to be paid by Prince Michael of Kent, is a scandal, according to Republic.

The apartment, which also includes 5 reception rooms and 7 ‘utility’ rooms will be rented by the Kents for the price of a three bedroom flat in West London, after more than two decades of free use.

Spokesperson Graham Smith today called for a further parliamentary investigation:

“A quick search of rental properties shows the commercial rate for the palace apartment should be at least twice the price the Kents will be charged.”

“The Queen reportedly gave this apartment to the Kents as a wedding present, despite it not being hers to give.”

“For years virtually nothing was paid for this apartment, then the Queen began to pay for it at a knock down price from funds the taxpayers gave her. Now the Kents continue to benefit from the very best of family connections.”

“The palace belongs to the country. The House of Commons asked for the Kents to be evicted and for the apartments to be put on a more commercial footing. This should now happen.”


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