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Dead Dolphins (Part 2)

Back in June freethinkeruk reported that large numbers of dolphins were  beaching themselves just inside the river at Falmouth Cornwall. Twenty six dolphins died and up to two hundred were saved by the RNLI and other volunteers and an estimated 80 other dolphins were traumatised.

Freethinkeruk and his partner were sailing the coast and witnessed many navy ships with helicopters in the area engaging in some war games.

Dozens if not hundreds of other yachts and boats were in the area and navy warnings to keep clear were regularly given out via marine radio.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Despite all this, the navy denied exercising in the area. A week or so later they admitted that their ships were indeed in the area but denied using sonar or anything which could have an effect on the extraordinary beaching of dolphins.

As now reported in The Cornish Guardian 1st October, some four months later, the MOD under pressure from the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that 20 Royal Navy ships plus submarines, plus foreign navies, plus sonar ‘dipper’ devices from helicopters were used along with firing 4.5″ shells.

It appears that the freedom of information act worked on this occasion but I can’t help but wonder if there hadn’t been so many witnesses would the MOD have admitted being there and even so they haven’t admitted being responsible for the slaughter of these lovely creatures.


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