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Why Boris Should Worry Us

There are undoubtedly some question marks hanging over the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair, but it has always been that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Admittedly trial by the media seems to be getting the upper hand but that’s another story or blog.

The Commissioner of the Met. is appointed by whoever is the Home Secretary of the day for an agreed term and can only be removed by the Home Secretary in exceptional circumstances. Yet here we have the newly elected Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, effectively removing Commissioner Blair. Johnson, as revealed in The Guardian today, wants a temporary commissioner appointed as when (he assumes) a Tory government is elected in a couple of years, they will appoint one of their own kind. This should worry us all.

The Commissioner of the Met. is not only responsible for London but also for co-ordinating all British Police Forces and for counter terrorism measures nationwide. Each police officer will of course have their personal political viewpoint but in their jobs must be apolitical. When police officers in high positions are appointed by virtue of their political allegiance then yet another step has been taken towards total state control and another block has been removed from the foundations of our weak democracy. I and others have written about this gradual slide on many occassions. I do not believe, although some may disagree, that there is some great conspiracy going on but perhaps even worse, by default we are allowing ourselves to drift into a position where there is no going back, where state control is complete and dissent is all but impossible.


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One thought on “Why Boris Should Worry Us

  1. Whether Ian Blair was a political appointee, a political pawn or had political aspirations is not clear, that is for the historians. But, he was, nonetheless, too political, the public want a policeman, not another politician to police their streets. From day one, Ian Blair was always in front of the cameras, in fact, he spent so much time in front of the cameras, that he did not appear to be in touch with his own force. That, in my view, was his downfall.

    The Met Chief should keep his head down, and get on with policing, leaving the politics to the politicians. If he doesn’t, then he very much deserves what he gets. There are 167,000 policement in the UK, yet we have more chance of seeing one of the TV than we do the street. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a real policeman walking in your neighbourhood and I am not talkiing about Community Safety Officers?

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