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With a fanfare the Government today announces a wonderful ‘deal’ with the energy companies. They are going to provide home insulation for the very elderly and those on benefits and so assist in reducing their bills. Well freethinkeruk can’t speak for anyone else but I have been getting information from my supplier (EDF) for some time offering just such a deal. Cynic that I am I can’t help but think this latest announcement is just an old agreement dusted off and presented as a breakthrough.

The estimated cost to the suppliers is around £1billion and as I said in a previous post, the suppliers will get this, or a windfall tax back from their customers one way or another. When pressed in an interview Hillary Benn (I can’t believe Tony is his dad) admitted that we will all pay about an extra £35 per year to cover this expenditure. QED!


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2 thoughts on “Energy Help

  1. Agreed. But it is worse than this, because there is no new money, typical Gordon Brown!

    This is my take on it. The package is worth £1bn and the energies companies are required to provide £910m. They obviously haven’t agreed to this, because GB has threatened legislation. Now, that leaves a £90m gap by my reckoning.

    The government reduced the amount of money available to the Warm Front programme by £250m a few months ago. Now a simple piece of arithmetic suggests that there is a deficit of £160m. But, on top of that, GB is going to increase the winter fuel allowance, so how much new money is the government going to put in to this initiative?

    On top of that, the government is actually profiting, through tax as a consequence of the increased prices, how immoral is that. You are right to be a cynic, maybe we have been conned too often by this government to accept anything at face value?

  2. Fantastic page:D will come back:)

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