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The Cern Collider

So, the day has arrived when the Cern Collider is switched on and particles start to get up to speed before being smashed together in an experiment to learn more, much more, about the origin and make up of our universe.

Many voices have been raised criticising the expense but it is only through experimentation that we as a specie advance our knowledge and nearly always there are benefits to be accrued from scientific research. Experience shows however that often, along with the benefits, come detriments. If new knowledge can be used for power/military purposes then it will be. That of course is not an argument to curtail pure scientific research but an argument for greater control of political leaders by the people.

One other thing did concern me though. In an interview last week on the ‘Today Programme’ one of the scientists involved (his name escapes me as I’d just woken up!) said that there was only the remotest possibility of creating a Black Hole and such a hole would be very small and nothing to worry about. Surely before embarking on this endevour there should be an absolute certainty that nothing, absolutely nothing, could go wrong.


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