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New Flag for the RAF

Back on the 11th July I watched the ceromony on TV as the RAF was given new ‘Colours’ (flags) by the Queen. The comentary included the information that there were 5,000 invited guests and the whole thing was concluded From the Daily Postwith a fly past of 90 aircraft, one for each year since the founding of the air force.

It occured to me that it must have cost an awful lot of money so I thought that I would test out the Freedom of Information Act and asked for a costing of this event. Much to my amazement I must say, I have just received a reply from Headquaters Air Command. It states that “The cost to the RAF of the Colour’s Presentation was in the region of £370,000 …… The hospitality for this event …. was sponsored by BAe Systems, which hosted the Royal Party and VIPs.” So, the cost to the RAF for a couple of flags was well over a quarter of a million Pounds, actually that’s a cost to the tax payers. This at a time when the cost of living is rising at an alarming rate. A time when people are losing their homes and unemployment is on the increase and as a consequence tax revenue (apart from on fuel) is falling. BAe Systems will also expect something in return from the Government for wining and dining that lot.

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2 thoughts on “New Flag for the RAF

  1. There is money in the budget each year for this kind of activity and like you said BAe Systems also sponsored the event.

    I don’t hear you complaining when the same tax payers money is defending your country and putting their lives on the line for those same tax payers.

    Let’s put everything into context eh?!

  2. Comment appreciated but I guess you haven’t read many of my postings. ‘My Country’ hasn’t been attacked for over sixty years and if we ceased attacking other countries we would hardly even need defending.

    I suspect that you are alluding to Iraq and Afghanistan where our troops are putting their lives on the line for the City of London, not defending our country.

    As for money being in the budget for frivolous activities well, shame on those who would willfully waste our resources. BAe Systems of course will expect a payback for their ‘investment’.

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