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Military Compensation

Make no mistake, freethinkeruk has the highest respect for our armed forces but not for the uses, in general, they are used, Iraq and Afghanistan for example. Presumably in an attempt to stem the numbers of personnel leaving the forces the government has announced a doubling of compensation for injuries received while on active service, up to £570,000 PLUS an income for life.

If one volunteers to join the military then surely it must be obvious that it’s not all skiing, mountaineering and sailing? There is the possibility of injury and even death and the risks go with the job as with say, a coal miner or a building worker and many other forms of employment. In the event of injury or disablement received in action (or not) then the State will provide health care through the NHS and will if needed, provide care for life as with any citizen.

Compensation is not paid to anyone else for just doing the job for which they are paid. If you sign up for military life you sign up knowing and accepting the risks, if you don’t like the risk don’t sign on the dotted line. Yes, if compensation was removed rather than increased it would almost certainly mean less people joining the forces and would that be such a bad thing? Perhaps we would then have a defensive force and not one fighting wars for capitalism in other peoples lands.


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