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Cynical Manipulation

I must confess that I feel just a tinge of sympathy for Prince Harry, not a lot mind you, just a tinge. He’s been unfortunate enough to be born into that family, you know the one I mean.

Into the Army he goes probably believing that he will just be ‘one of the boys’ convinced by those behind the scenes who really pull the strings. While we’re at it they say, ‘let’s set up a charity in his name, something that the people out there will make a connection with his mother, Diana.’ ‘Now that one was a real success, one of our best, the public fell for that whole fairy tale Princess line.’

Sorry, I digress, back to Harry and his charity Sentebale which appears to do some good things in Lesotho, although Oxfam given the cash would probably do it more cheaply. Off he went with 35 others from his Army Unit with presumably his personal protection security man and enjoyed wheeling a barrow for the benefit of the assembled photographers. If one ponders for a moment on the cost of all these people travelling to Lesotho it would have been far better to send the money and let local people do the work themselves and have the benefit of this added income. That though wouldn’t get another story of the Royals in the news now would it?

Cynical manipulation of Harry, the people of Lesotho and the British public.


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