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BBC Rip-off

If you work for the BBC then you’re probably wondering how safe your job really is, how will restructuring affect you even if you do keep your job and will the pension scheme continue to give you the retirement you expected.

Not so if you are a director of this publicly funded corporation apparently. The Director General, Mark Thompson, ‘earned’ £816,000 (2007/08) who, to his credit, turned down his bonus but then who needs a bonus when you’re getting that kind of money. Jana Bennett, director of BBC Vision, had her pay package rise by more than £100,000. Worried about your pension? Not if you are Jenny Abramsky, director of audio and music, who will draw a pension of around £190,000 a year – more than the prime minister gets.

A director of any company or corporation is paid to manage and steer that company on an agreed course, bonuses for doing what they are paid to do should not come into it. When the rest of the nation’s workers are being urged to keep their pay claims around 2% (of a much lower base) how on earth can a rise of £100,000 be justified?

These obscene payments are symbolic of what has gone wrong over the past couple of decades, with more and more wealth being transfered from the poor to the already rich. It is even more obscene when it happens in a publicly funded body.


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