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Planning Consent

For no obvious reason I’ve been thinking about local planning in regard to individual applications. At the present time if someone wishes to add an extension to their home or put a log cabin in their garden for one of their children or Granny to live in then they have to go through an expensive and time consuming process. The same applies even if they wish to erect a wind generator or, as I understand it, a flag pole.

What if a form was freely available upon which details of the proposal together with a reasonable sketch could be put. The proposer could then take it round to anyone who may be affected by way of view, possible noise etc and sign that they have objections. Assuming no objections then permission is automatic subject of course to adherence to any building construction regulations. If there was even one objection then the local council would make the final decision.

If this was adopted it would speed up the whole process, save residents money, help make neighbourhood connections (admittedly generate a row here and there) and remove claims of favouritism by councillors and be more democratic.


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3 thoughts on “Planning Consent

  1. Dave (Freethinkeruk's ol boy) on said:

    All sounds ok but, If someone decided to build an extension that blocked light, or was in some way obtrusive to a neighbour, the person whom it may upset, may be intimidated by a possible agresive chap or chapess saying sign this no objection! .
    I would like to point out that plans do not need to be proffesionaly produced, just a good sketch for planning is fine. so planning permmision can be quite cheap, more detailed plans would be needed for building and services …keep thinking

  2. Good point about an agressive chap/chapess but this could be dealt with in the fine tuning. Perhaps cards could be given to each neighbour affected to send in to the local council with agree/disagree.

  3. Dave (Freethinkeruk's ol boy) on said:

    I understand given by said yob to frail o’l lady to send in… na never going to work. somethings are best left to experts.

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