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Green Energy Scam?

It has come to the attention of freethinkeruk that the Government has not been slow in wasting money out of reducing our carbon footprint. No surprise there then.

A so called ‘Charitable Trust’ BRE Global Ltd which used to be the Building Research Establishment and once state owned, has set itself up as the arbiter of standards in renewable energy supply such as solar panels. Who gave them this authority and how come that government grants are dependant on certification by this Trust?

A solar panel installer wishing to enable his customers to take advantage of a grant must first be certified by BRE. This will cost the installer £1800 initially and £1000 per year thereafter so what does he get for it? He gets a certificate after just ONE of his installations has been inspected, without poof that he even did it himself and gets his name put on the website. What a rip off and these costs must, of course, be passed on to the customer. Parts used in the installation must also be certificated by BRE at enormous cost to the manufacturer even though they already conform to EU standards. These charges too will find their way to the customer.

The whole green-energy business seems to be a mine field of interconnecting websites. Take The Energy Saving Trust for example yes, yet another Trust which though, actually calls itself an ‘Independant Company.’ This ‘independant’ company is funded by wait for it:- The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; the Department for Transport; the Department for Trade and Industry and the Scottish Executive plus a whole string of the major energy producers such as BP Oil, EDF Energy, none of whom any sane person would call independent.

Back to the minefield so stick with it! If we go from the Energy Saving Trust Grants link we get to BERR which is The Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (freethinkeruk hadn’t even heard of that one!) Click on Apply for grant/Householders/type/certified installers. Pick one installer website at random (or anywhere else in the country) and checking out certification you’ll get to Green Book Live. What is this you may wonder? Well it’s part funded by The Energy Trust and is another BRE website!!

So there you have it, a little effort and we’ve come full circle. A circle of interconnecting websites and companies, dubious sounding charitable trusts and the Government. All of them with a board of directors, staff to be paid and doubtless very good expense accounts, all contributing to the global warming that they profess to reduce. All being paid for ultimately by the poor concerned buggers who want to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions.

Just a little extra regarding the BRE Charitable Trust. Taken from last year’s accounts which show the salaries of the highest paid employees including the Directors. The names of directors or how many there are does not appear to be on their website, freethinkeruk continues the search.

Number earning £60,000 – £69,999   13

£70,000 – £79,999        4

£80,000 – £89,999        1

£100,000 – £109,999    2

£110,000 – £119,999    1

£120,000 – £129,999    2

£200,000 – £209,999    2


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3 thoughts on “Green Energy Scam?

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  2. pagnotta on said:

    Very interesting post! Thank you for your effort, we need free thinkers, don’t we?
    By the way, I would be interested in knowing what you think about the recent declarations of the PM regarding Offshore Wind Farms in UK

  3. Dave (Freethinkeruk's ol boy) on said:

    It seems to me (as a renewable energy installer) there’s a host of people (parasites) ready to make money out of doing very little! how do these people sleep at night?
    £1800 for a certificate and one inspection, disgusting! CORGI charge me 10% of that, £180 per year, for that the public get random inspections of my work to ensure quality, consistency and safety, it allows me to have free access to a dedicated technical helpline, maned (or womaned) by skilled experienced engineers, a monthly publication ensuring engineers have up to date knowledge of regs and products, CORGI continually push the CORGI name, finally the majority of people are aware of the need for gas safety and that a CORGI registered engineer should be employed for gas work. CORGI’s work goes far far further and all for £180 per year, how do they do it? perhaps the “BRE” would be well advised to ask them.
    I for one will not be contributing to BRE’s wages until I can see that it benefits the public.
    On a last note CORGI will be no longer in around a year, The HSE has decided in its infinite wisdom to hand over this roll to “CAPITA” crazy, perhaps I should start saving for revised membership fee’s!, I guess I need to do my own blog .

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