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Badgers Saved from Slaughter

A fascinating and beautiful animal that has long been a part of the British countryside and the subject of many a children’s book has been saved.

Known to be a carrier of Bovine T.B. but with no definitive evidence that they are responsible for passing it to cattle, farmers have campaigned for their extermination. Scientific studies have shown that even a total cull (euphamism for killing every badger.) would have only a slight effect on cattle infections. It should be noted that other creatures also carry bovine T.B. such as voles.

Hillary Benn the Environment Secretary will announce on Monday that a mass slaughter will not now take place and that other ways to control the spread of Bovine T.B. will be investigated. Three cheers for common sense from this Government for a change.

Update. Friday 4-7-08 pm. Farmer’s Union says it will fight in the Courts to overturn the ruling.


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