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More Madness

It’s been announced today that the Government is to spend £4billion on two aircraft carriers. Yes that’s 4,000,000,000,000 Pounds! This huge expenditure has behind it the implication of fighting wars in foreign parts in the future. Experience also shows that projects of this kind always run enormously over budget.

When will we ever learn that we no longer have an Empire and that to most of the world we are simply yet another small country albeit one who trots along to the sound of America’s dog whistle and consequently despised in equal measure. Why is it that we can’t see the benefits derived from purely defensive armed forces in countries like Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand and many, many, others, with better housing and advanced social and health care. In the UK we have around 2,000,000 of our citizens either homeless or living in sub standard accommodation; this waste of our resources would pay for at least 250,000 new homes. Utter madness.


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