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Personal Income Up 7%

While the rest of us are urged to keep wage rises at 2% and homes are being repossessed, one lucky citizen has had an increase of 7% bringing his personal income to a mere £16million. Yes, Prince Charles on the board of Britain’s most successful family business is doing very nicely. Putting to one side the £1.2million spent of rail and air fares (paid for by the tax payers) he has reduced his carbon footprint in the past year by feeding his sheep organic feed stuff which reduces their Co2 & methane output. Oh! That’s good then!

Sir Michael Peat, the Prince’s top aide, said he hoped that the figures showed “a good picture”.

He said: “I don’t want to sound complacent but I really do believe that the contribution their royal Highness’s make to national life continues to develop and broaden and strengthen.

Their Royal Highness’s continue to develop, broaden and strengthen their grip on the throats and pockets of the British people more like.


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