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Witness Anonymity

The Government is now about to rush through legislation allowing for witnesses in court cases to remain anonymous in response to last weeks Law Lords Ruling. Law made in haste is rarely good law.

Whilst I can see the desirability of this proposed new law as a way of increasing the likelyhood of conviction it also raises great concern. As a result the defence will be denied the posibility of invesigating the background and reliability of witnesses or of their possible motive in giving evidence.

It has always been a right of the accused to face his accusers. It has also been a long accepted norm that:-

“It is better that a guilty person goes free rather than an innocent person be convicted.”

It is fast becoming the case that when long held rights and freedoms get in the way of expediancy then they pass a law removing them. The Old BaileyThe call for a written constitution becomes ever stronger as the scales of justice become even more unbalanced.


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