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A Principled MP?

I never would even have dreamed that one day I would leap to my feet and applaud a Conservative MP, let alone David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, for defending Rights and Freedom. I do so now!

His resignation of his seat only to fight in the resultant Bi-Election on the single issue of the 42 days detention without charge, does seem to me a little bizzare but the reasoning may become more clear over time. New Labour has clearly lost it’s way by being the architect of a controlled and surveillance society with diminishing rights. These hard won rights and freedom are what have characterised what it is to be British. The terrorists are now winning without bombs, without guns or even threats, our unique nationhood and way of life is being changed for ever. We MUST support anyone who stands against those who would destroy our unique way of life, be they terrorists or even our own Government.


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