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NHS Privatisation

Here we go again treating a symptom with the same old generic medicine.

The Government is proposing franchising i.e. privatising the management of some NHS Trusts for ‘under performing’ which basically means not achieving ‘targets’. It is by now I think generally accepted that in putting effort into reaching the set targets has led to neglect in other areas which should have been obvious from the start. This Government has rightly provided the massive increase in funding needed but has not been able to stand back and let the professionals get on with it.

The primary function of any company is make a profit and return a dividend to it’s investors. It follows therefore, that privatising any part of the NHS means that some of the government investment must end up in the hands of shareholders or private individuals and deprives the NHS of this resource. In a speech today Dr Jonathan Fielden, chairman of the BMA’s consultants committee demands that the Government stops meddling and hands back the NHS to patients and those who work in it and rightly so.


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One thought on “NHS Privatisation

  1. blackheathbugle on said:

    Have you read this? It seems to chime exactly with what you’re talking about.

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