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I’ve been to my local hospital in the last two or three years a couple of times for minor injuries and the treatment was absolutely first class, the staff friendly and efficient.
Also a few weeks ago I saw my GP for hearing loss due to past industrial noise, I had an appointment for an audiology test within a fortnight, seen on time and two hearing aids ordered. Another couple of weeks and I have just had them fitted and programmed, fantastic! Mind you I’ve now got to sort out some rattles in my car that I didn’t know I’d got. As previously treatment friendly and very efficient.
I’m now 65 and all my life I have never had cause for complaint about our NHS. Yes of course any organisation can be improved but that’s an ongoing thing. Anyone working in the NHS must get thoroughly pissed off (sorry) with all the moaning and complaining mainly in the media. I’m sure most of us are very happy with the help that we receive, we just don’t get heard. So if we get good treatment why not let them know, I did.

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2 thoughts on “Our NHS

  1. I am sure you intended to say … why NOT let them know …

  2. I did indeed Roz, thanks and it’s amended

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