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Nuclear Power Stations

Last month it was announced by The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) that decommissioning the UK’s nuclear power stations will cost £73bn. Yesterday they confirmed that the cost will rise by several billion pounds and by how many billions they just couldn’t say. This does not, as I understand it, include the ‘safe’ disposal of all the radio active waste.

The government is now proposing to build yet more nuclear power stations. We are being governed by maniacs.

Time to get out the old badges methinks.


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2 thoughts on “Nuclear Power Stations

  1. andy on said:

    72 billion!?

    But I suppose that is over a long period – I hope.

    But what is the alternative? The latest ‘Great Idea’ is to build a barrage across the Severn Estuary. Oh thats a great idea; build a sodding great dam across our largest estuary and in 1 move bugger up the ecosystem of our largest estuary.

    Maybe we need to move beond energy saving lightbulbs…

  2. Yes! £72bn over 25 years with an opened ended billions more. In 2005 the estimate was £56bn so in other words no one knows, it could theoretically bankrupt us.

    I agree that the proposed Severn Estuary barrage is a potential disaster but if only half of the ‘investment’ in nuclear power was directed towards alternative methods then a way would be found. There is a way but not the will.

    Energy saving light bulbs are a good contribution but turning off all the lights and air conditioning in Government offices when there’s no one in them would save the output of several power stations.

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