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The true cost of Iraq et al

In London yesterday there was a day of fund raising for injured and disabled members of our armed forces. The day was sponsored by the Corporation of the City of London and so it should be. After all our soldiers, sailors and airmen do not fight and die and get burnt, blinded and crippled for ‘democracy’ or to bring freedom to oppressed people. They do it for the City of London, to protect investments, to ensure oil or gas supplies and so ensure the continuance of profits for the multi national companies and their share holders.

Every assistance should of course be given to these unfortunates but paid for by the State who should offset the cost by raising taxes from the City. That the majority of the armed forces are made up from among the poorest members of our society only adds to the shame.


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5 thoughts on “The true cost of Iraq et al

  1. waretrop on said:

    Hi there I had to start a blog also. :~) Barb

  2. Dave on said:

    Interesting, a good start I look forward to more..

  3. Brian Henry Taylor on said:

    very true ,was always so.In afghanistan our forces are dying but the production of poppies is rising astronomically.

  4. Totally agree!!!


  5. andy on said:

    Ah but if society demands that it continues to drive its cars, heat its homes, and have a stable/expanding economy then wars such as those in Iraq are a neccesary evil.

    Polititians rely on the general public’s votes and financial donations from business to gain power. Upsetting the status-quo by reigning in either’s excesses or setting sustainable limits would prevent the polititians from gaining either.

    As much as we may object to these wars, we are all complicit to some extent.

    Except me of course I am the greenest man I know – I travel by pony, heat my house using the manure it produces and grow all my veggies using the left overs.

    Thought I’d get the ball rolling old boy;-)

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